Central Coast Creative Cutting

Precision Abrasive Water Jet Cutting

With the ability to cut almost any material with repeatable accuracy measured in thousandths of an inch, building materials (stone, tile, glass, etc) as well as non-ferrous (stainless steel, brass, copper) and ferrous metals of almost any thickness can be precision cut to match your design requirements.


Unleash Your Imagination

No Limits to Your Design

We can work with your CAD/CAM developed drawings, import and refine your sketch, or develop your idea from scratch. Our staff combines both trained designers and construction professionals, to help ensure your design fulfills both your artistic and functional requirements

Unique and Cost Effective

Cutting with a very fine, highly pressurized stream of water, we have the accuracy of laser cutting without the material heat damage. Required fixturing is minimal since there are no side thrusts developed as there are in conventional machining. And because our cutter is computer controlled, highly intricate designs can be quickly, easily, and economically created and repeated

All Images courtesy of OMAX Corporation www.omax.com